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4th World Wide APL Programming Contest Winner Announced
Kyoto University undergraduate student Hayato Hashimoto scoops this year’s accolade

Bramley – UK, 12th September 2012: Dyalog Limited, which markets Dyalog APL - the most commonly used dialect of the APL programming language throughout the world - – is delighted to announce that the Grand Prize winner of this year’s programming contest has been awarded to Mr Hayato Hashimoto, a 21 year old undergraduate student at Kyoto University in Japan.

As well as the cash prize of USD 2,500, Mr Hashimoto has been awarded a round trip travel, accommodation, and participation at the Dyalog '12 Software User Conference which takes place in Elsinore, Denmark, Sunday October 14 – Thursday October 18, 2012. During the conference Mr Hashimoto will receive the award in person and present the work that led to winning the prize.

Upon learning that he submitted the winning entry Mr Hashimoto commented,” I am very proud to have won the first price. I found the contest website when I was searching about APL on the web. I have been fond of Lisp, and since this language focuses on lists – instead of arrays – and functions, I quickly got familiar with APL. I was impressed by the unique array-centric nature of APL when I proceeded to study the language further, in order to write APL code to solve the contest problems. I found that arrays and their functions helped the programming, especially when solving problems involving multi-dimensional structures or patterns. I even got to the point when I thought it would be nice if I could grasp arrays out of the computer and manipulate them by hand. I am very much looking forward to attending the Conference in Denmark and I appreciate the opportunity to present my work”.

The purpose of the contest is to encourage students and others to investigate APL (A Programming Language); the organisers hope that participants will find that exposure to APL broadens their horizons and adds a new tool to their toolbox. Students of other disciplines than Computer Science are encouraged to participate: Many of the most successful APL users have backgrounds in other sciences, and have found APL to be a “Tool of Thought” for expressing solutions to problems in a wide variety of fields.

The annual APL programming content is made possible by the generous support of several sponsors, including US-based Fiserv, Italy-based APL Italiana, Denmark-based SimCorp and UK-based Dyalog Ltd., as well as several anonymous individuals and companies. The scoring and judging of submissions is organised and sponsored by a group APL programmers who owe their careers and gained great deal of pleasure working with the APL language.

About Dyalog
Dyalog is the world’s leading APL software-development platform. APL is a dynamic programming language - a notation which closely resembles Algebra - which is extremely well suited for expressing solutions to complex problems. Dyalog APL is a complete, integrated software development platform offering all the tools and interfaces a software developer needs.

Dyalog is particularly well-suited for development of software applications where it is important to embed a high level of domain expertise. The development platform is designed to facilitate that experts, such as economists or engineers, can write software programmes themselves or work in close collaboration with a programmer to ensure, that their expert knowledge is correctly expressed.

Dyalog is heavily used in the financial sector where companies such as Denmark’s SimCorp A/S, and Italy’s APL Italiana S.p.A. use the system for their commercial financial software application development. Dyalog is further used within various engineering disciplines such as refinement of crude oil and within logistics. Other examples include: in Sweden, a small system developed by a nurse and a programmer has now grown into Sweden’s largest Patient Record Solution; in the UK, The Childcare Company Ltd developed and launched their online training and support solution in under 3 months, winning them the Nursery Management Today Innovation Award 2008.

Dyalog is developed and marketed by UK-based Dyalog Ltd.

Dyalog is available on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows (XP and later, 2000 and later and Windows Mobile 5 and 6), AIX, Linux and Solaris. For more information on software development using Dyalog visit

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